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The International BioBased Student SymbioSUM (IBBESS) is as an optional embedded in the BISC-E program to spark creativity and bonding between the students and strengthen the relationship of the bio-based innovations with the market.

IBBESS pozitiv nobackgroundIBBESS is a symbiosis of the sum of a Conference and a ThinkTank to achieve a richer experience than the sum of both parts. By setting up an inspiring pro-active environment for student-expert interaction as well as networking opportunities we will provide you with the tools to become the innovators of a biobased economy of tomorrow. Through the topic of 2017 ‘Rethink Your Oil-Based Day’ you will challenge the status quo to implement biobased solutions in our daily life.

IBBESS features a one-day Conference where you interact with experts from politics/ policy, economy and science discussing current obstacles, developments and possible solutions for a biobased economy. The second and third day, students from various backgrounds, will join their efforts to create innovative approaches to tackle three current challenges of companies within the biobased economy. This is the BioBased Economy ThinkTank.

In combination with the Conference, an environment is created which addresses challenges and possible solutions of a BioBased Economy. During the conference and ThinkTank you will have the opportunity to talk to and network with numerous companies.

More info can be found on the IBBESS website.